One of the best feeling is when you can share your gifts with others


Happiness for me is when I can share my gifts with the world.  The greatest feeling is giving back and it does not always mean giving away money.  Time, knowledge, favors, love, art, talents,..etc. Some of the best gifts to share with others.Sharing

June my birthday month, I will be sharing more of my talents and gifts.  Thank you God for my many gifts, that I can also share back with the world.

Birthday gift to myself, is to have four more books Publish. It would be a awesome birthday and I get to share it with the world. The hardest part for me is illustrations, finding the right person who gets what I’m trying to create in my stories.  I can’t draw to save my life and these books needs to get out to the’s a secret..shhh!  I have three months to pull it all together. I know I can get it done and out.  Can’t wait to see!  I am also trying to see if I can throw in a novel in the mix. I will keep you all posted.
XOX Sharon

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