Join me on my weight lost journey


  Hi everyone, hope you all having a wonderful first day of the month. New month for me means changes, changing my lifestyle by changing my body and my mindset. I’m making a total life change by drinking laso tea. Love for you all to join me  on a total life changes, so we can […]

One of the best feeling is when you can share your gifts with others


Happiness for me is when I can share my gifts with the world.  The greatest feeling is giving back and it does not always mean giving away money.  Time, knowledge, favors, love, art, talents,..etc. Some of the best gifts to share with others. June my birthday month, I will be sharing more of my talents […]

March up

March up into March with confidence and be the best you ever.   God has created us with our own unique gifts and talents.  March up and let your gifts shine, the world is waiting on.  Be your own Masterpiece! Never give up on your dreams, always keeping working towards your dream. Xox Sharon Share […]

Welcome February!!

Happy New year to all my readers,  hope everyone  having a awesome start to the new year. Expressions of Sharon have a lot of exciting new information to share with you all, stay tune.  We want to help you manifest a awesome, productive and prosperous lifestyle you desire for life and business.  Remember to  stay […]