Finally! Finally! Finally !

Are you ready yet?

After being in Kissimmee, Florida for over a year now. I can finally say that We have found a church. Wes really enjoy the Kidz service( yes he gets to play games before the service) I’m just happy he as is own section of the church to go to, so that I can focus on […]

Spring Fling

Where I bought the jerk chicken

Thought I should share what we did on Saturday.   Wesley’s School spring fling, he had so much fun.  His  fun kicked up a notch when he saw Aliyah, she is one of his classmate he talked about a lot, think he has a crush.   Anyways I for one enjoyed the food.  There was […]

Stick walkers

Photo taken by Sharon P Tulloch
Location Kissimmee, Florida

So, I been living in Florida for 1 year now.  I must say, I do enjoy the view and the nice weather during my walks with Wes to his school.  I also met a lot of nice stick walkers (people that carries a stick while walking).  I always wondered, why are all these people carrying […]

One of my favorite place to eat in Poinciana

Ackee and saltfish with rice and peas

Just one of those days cooking dinner was not on my mind so, I got in my car and head on over to Real Spice, one of the best Jamaican Restaurant in Poinciana Florida. This Jamaican Gal felt right at home, what can I say the food is good. I tried the ackee and saltfish, […]

Nothing like waking up to some white stuff!

Check my Facebook feed as I got out of bed, saw  the postings on snow in Virginia.  So, I put on my snow boot, winter coat, gloves and my hat..opened my front door, to my surprise there wasn’t any snow.. Then I realized I was in Florida, where today weather calls for mostly cloudy high […]