Your business is your business treat it like one

    Your business is a real business treat it like one Tips to help you have a successful business: `Treat it like one. `Set aside an entire room in your home, not just a section of your living or dinning table. `Create not just only a business plan but also a marketing plan. `Invest […]

Closure to end of work day

In previous post I talked about ease into your day for a more effective and productive day. Today I decided to talk about Closure to end of work day. So, in this video I will share with you how to have a end of work day closure. Organize your workspace at the end of your […]

Ease into your day

Ease into your day Get to work 15 minutes early, use that extra 15 minutes to prepare your mind for work mode and relax. I arrive at my workstation 15 minutes early to relax and prepare my mind for work mode. For me it gives me a better control over my day and I am […]

Just say no!

Just say no

Another month as ended and we welcome a new month.  As we set new goals for the new month and reflect back to the past month on the things we did or did not accomplished.  For me last month  has been a busy and productive one.  It was all good.  Not sharing with you just […]

Are you self sabotaging yourself with your words?

  Are you self sabotaging yourself with your words? Speaking negative words and focusing on the negative, will make those negative things be your reality. We go through our day saying thinks like, why should I get that promotion? Someone else is doing a better job.  Why should anyone buy my services/products? My business is […]