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24 April 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Stick walkers

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So, I been living in Florida for 1 year now.  I must say, I do enjoy the view and the nice weather during my walks with Wes to his school.  I also met a lot of nice stick walkers (people that carries a stick while walking).  I always wondered, why are all these people carrying a stick? So, I did some digging into this stick. What came undug, was even though walking with a stick has a lot of benefits (see list of benefits below)

Photo taken by Sharon P Tulloch Location Kissimmee, Florida

Photo taken by Sharon P Tulloch
Location Kissimmee, Florida

List of  benefits from walking with a stick.


  • Help Reduce Pressure on aching joints,ankles,feet, knees and hips.
  • Balance and stability on uneven trails.
  • Boost and power while going up a steep inclines.
  •  Protection.

Protection was the main reason why most stick walkers in my area carries a stick.  It can be used to fend off  unwanted pets, intruders or wild animals.

I thought this was a need to know info  since there are lots of pets and wild animals here.  I still can never remember to carry a stick.

Are you a stick walker? Why do you walk with a stick? Would love to hear from you.

Please comment, share and like.


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22 April 2014 ~ 0 Comments

This has become one of my favorite

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Just had to share this with you all. Very easy to make in your blender or bullet, I used the bullet. I added two new ingredients and it was even more yummy. Drink up and stay healthy with.

Would love to know, if you tried this drink and how was it?
Please like, share and comment.


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21 April 2014 ~ 0 Comments

This is a Powerful Question

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What can I do to serve you better?
That’s a power question. We can asked this question in every aspect of our life.

What can I do to serve you better God?
Ask your spouse what can I do to be a better wife or husband? What can I do to make our relationship better?
Ask your kids, what can I do to be a better mom?
Ask your boss, what can I do to bring more to the company?
Business owner  ask your customers, clients and your employees, what can I do to be a better company? What can I do to be a better boss?  What can I do to improve and serve you better?
These are just a few examples of how you can used this powerful question. Sometime it will be hard to hear the answers to this question, you have to be open mined and open to feedbacks so, you can see a better results from your relations and business.  Incorporate this question in your professional or personal life, it will grow that relationship and help it be more successful.

What can I do to serve you better? This question is for all my readers.

Make this a habit so you can have a more successful  life.   Please like and share.  Do comment on how you will or have used this question and what are some of the changes you notices in your life?

XOX -Sharon

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18 April 2014 ~ 0 Comments

No bunny chasing or egg hunting, just gimme the Easter Bun and Cheese

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Easter Bun and Cheese Picture curtesy of Real Spice Cusine in Poinciana

Easter Bun and Cheese
Picture curtesy of Real Spice Cusine in Poinciana

Easter season is finally upon us. While Most of my American friends or those who take part in the American culture, the Easter Bunny, painting Easter eggs and going on scavenger hunts with the little ones.  This Jamaican gal culture includes mouth watering, flavorful Spiced Bun and cheese.

The true reason for this religious Holiday is about Jesus dying love for us. He was crucified so that we may live our life to the fullest.

I remember growing up in Jamaica, Good Friday means going to church, no cooking on Good Friday.  We had to cook the night before and it would be fried fish.
Lots of Bun and cheese eating would take place. We also have our traditions and believes, like if we had to use the stove, wait until afternoon, since it is belief that using of fire add to the heat that Jesus felt on the cross.  Stores did not open until afternoon or not at all.  Fish fry on Thursday, Holy Thursday, no cooking on Friday.

Oh yes! We do have something with egg, superstition believes. Putting egg white in a glass of water use sticks to mark x over it and left out, this is usually done over night. Then when the sun rose on Good Friday, it was checked to see the shape of the egg to predict the future.  If it shape like a plane or a ship would mean future travel. Shape like a dress would mean future wedding is near. Coffin shape would mean death is coming.

Well time changed most of those traditions and believes are no longer in practice. The few that remains like going to Church, remembering the love that Jesus have for us, the eating of Easter Bun and Cheese and fried fish.  I can say this Jamaican Gal is happy and loving the Easter season.

What are some of your Easter tradition or culture? Would love to hear from you. Please comment, like and share.

Happy Good Friday!
xOX -Sharon P Tulloch

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