Are you self sabotaging yourself with your words?

  Are you self sabotaging yourself with your words? Speaking negative words and focusing on the negative, will make those negative things be your reality. We go through our day saying thinks like, why should I get that promotion? Someone else is doing a better job.  Why should anyone buy my services/products? My business is [...]

Do you want abundance in your life?

Give with your heart

Some people have a lot to say about other people business…what about your business? Do have it all together? Are you where you want to be? Most of us will answer no to those questions.  So,  mind your own business. Instead of putting each other down and chatting each other down. Be a blessing and [...]

How to achieve your deepest desires

Clear mind

How to achieve your deepest desires Having a clear mind, being grounded and centered you can manifest your deepest desires. Simply has that!   But what is keeping you from manifesting your dreams? Anger, frustration, doubts and insecurities, are clouding your vibrations. Your negative energy is keeping you from moving forward and preventing you from having [...]

How to deal with Writer’s block


  I was ask this question on my goodread page. How do I deal with writer’s block? Yes I do get writer’s block and I face my blocks by adjusting my mindset. Most writers will be face with writer’s block at one point in their life. Some reasons for writer’s block are fear, stress, environment, [...]

Yesterday is gone!


Yesterday is gone, you cannot do nothing about it.  Yesterday is gone, you cannot bring it back. Yesterday is gone, he/she  hurts you, you lost your job, your business is unsuccessful, you are broke and your negative thoughts got a hold of your yesterday.  What are you going to do about it?  Move on! Move [...]