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Move pass your fear


Don’t  give up on your dreams big or small.  Doesn’t matter what comes in to stop your dreams, push forward.  For most of us our biggest dream blockers are our fear. Don’t let fear keep you from going after your dreams.  Some may ask how can we move pass fear?  To move pass fear we [...]

Five DIY Projects to Liven Up your Home

With the massive amount of materials at everyone’s disposal around their home and the staggering potential for Up-Cycling anything you can get your hands on, there is little need to go out and spend considerable amounts of money on home decorations. There are thousands of projects designed around home decorating that allow you to add [...]

It’s Labor Day…it’s a New Month..bring it on


Happy Labor Day to all my expressionsofsharon.com readings.  Hope everyone staying safe and enjoying the day off, if you are lucky enough to be off.   I am using today to look back on last month and be grateful for all the good the bad and the ugly.  I am so excited I cannot wait [...]

Making changes

Want to get Published ? Expressions Of Sharon, LLC is opening the doors so that you can have your vision and creativity publish with us. Get people to notice you and kick off your career. Expressions Of Sharon love to share your vision in areas such as photographer, artist, home decor, family, writer with something [...]