Your business is your business treat it like one

    Your business is a real business treat it like one Tips to help you have a successful business: `Treat it like one. `Set aside an entire room in your home, not just a section of your living or dinning table. `Create not just only a business plan but also a marketing plan. `Invest […]

A Letter from Santa

A letter from Santa

We are so excited Wes and I have been working on a project, just for your little ones. A letter from Santa..yes it’s  awesome! We had so much fun doing this project with Wes. Let’s talk about the letter from Santa. Your Child will received a personalized letter from Santa. Postmark from the desk of […]

Living within your means and be happy

Most people are unhappy because they aren’t honest with themselves and others. Watch video>>>> Living within your means and be happy     Share this

Closure to end of work day

In previous post I talked about ease into your day for a more effective and productive day. Today I decided to talk about Closure to end of work day. So, in this video I will share with you how to have a end of work day closure. Organize your workspace at the end of your […]

Ease into your day

Ease into your day Get to work 15 minutes early, use that extra 15 minutes to prepare your mind for work mode and relax. I arrive at my workstation 15 minutes early to relax and prepare my mind for work mode. For me it gives me a better control over my day and I am […]